slider 2 JACOPO

slider 2 JACOPO

“Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!”
― Guybrush Threepwoods, Monkey Island

Jacopo lives three lives, connected to each other.

The first one, in a more monkeyish than human form, is affected by the Curiosity-beyond-control Curse. He tries everything, experiments with everything, jumps where he’s not supposed to, spies from behind the trees, and can even swim! There’s no story, though, or TV series, or social network that doesn’t trigger his Curse and make him put his hands everywhere. Needless to say, he’s always in troubles because of that.
The Never-Ending Childhood Curse affects his second life, which manifests as a tattooed guy, more than a child. He CANNOT grow up! He tries, sometimes, and he even got some physical achievements, but deep inside, it’s a whole different story. His world made of pirates, dinosaurs, ghosts and cartoons, waits for him every night, preventing him from growing up.
The Dead Lines Curse affects his third life, which is closer to being a nerd than a football player. He spends his time alternating between the drawing table and the many consoles he owns. The though shape of his hands and feet represent perfectly the activities he’s involved in. It could be because of comics for Marvel, characters for board games, flyers for DJ sets, or Illustrations for Children’s books, but the Dead Lines continuously pursue him. There’s no rest for this part of him.

This is Jacopo Dronio, the Three-Headed Monkey.